Digital Commerce &
Marketing Strategy

Nils Zündorf

With over 20 years of experience in the E-Commerce industry, Nils helps companies of all sizes to increase their digital sales and to unlock efficiencies. He specializes in the development of growth strategies and business transformations for successful digital commerce and is a leading expert in Amazon advertising, retail media, marketplaces and online marketing.

Building one of the largest retail media and marketplaces focused agency active in 23 markets and developing an Amazon and BI Software solutions, Nils loves to share his experiences in pioneering and scaling B2B services and software solutions.

As a result, Nils holds several advisory board positions and startup investments in addition to his consulting and interim management services. He is a seasoned speaker at industry events & conferences and has been published in numerous media outlets around the globe.

Nils Zündorf


Strategy Consulting:
Digital Commerce & Marketing

I provide customized consulting services to create environments which enable sustainable global growth. This includes Business Strategy, Organisational Transformation, Digital Workflows and Insights through Data.

Agency and Startup Advisory

I offer advisory services for agencies and startups, including Business Development, Positioning & Portfolio, Organisation, and Strategic Planning.

Public Speaking

As a knowledgeable public speaker with over 50 engagements worldwide, I offer presentations on a variety of topics including Retail Media, Amazon Ecosystem, and E-Commerce landscape, to help businesses stay up-to-date on the latest trends in the industry.

About Nils Zündorf

Nils Zündorf offers consulting in E-commerce, Digital Marketing, and Sales. He provides customized solutions to help businesses increase brand awareness and drive revenue growth. Nils also offer advisory services for growth agencies and startup companies, and as knowledgeable public speaker he provides presentations on the latest industry trends and developments.


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